MyHotelMatch accelerates growth by acquiring premium concierge group My Agency

MyHotelMatch, the innovative platform that aims to revolutionize tourism by becoming the

next generation of travel agency (OTA – Online Travel Agency) matching travelers and hotels,

announces its acquisition of 100% of My Agency, a group that provides premium concierge

services to an active, urban and affluent clientele through its brands My Concierge, My Event,

My Driver, My Travel and My Property.

A complete, tailor-made offering for a unique experience

MyAgency has accompanied discerning clients since 2004 by providing them with a complete range of tailor-made services for their private and professional lives (concierge services, events, mobility, business and real estate). The Group dedicates its time and organizational talents to the daily lives of members through a personal concierge and a single point of contact at all times. From the grandest wish to the wildest dream, the concierge always has solutions, and shares confidential and trendy addresses in the places most likely to meet clients’ expectations, while informing them of the rarest events.

Projected turnover of 10 M€ and a history of high value added activities

My Agency has a portfolio of nearly 800 international clients, more than 20,000 partners and has organized nearly 80,000 experiences since its creation. Positioned in a niche sector experiencing strong development, My Agency achieved a cumulative turnover of €8.3 million in 2019 and is forecasted to reach €10 million in 2022. The Group has a dedicated ERP system and a mobile application allowing its clients to follow the progress of their requests in real time and to exchange with their dedicated contact. This acquisition will allow MyHotelMatch to benefit from the Group’s history of nearly €100M of high-end trips and fuel the database of its matching platform.

Strong synergies and new expertise

This acquisition will significantly accelerate the development of the MyHotelMatch platform
by integrating 18 years’ worth of quality high-end travel data, criteria, and feedback.
The synergies between the hotel matching platform and My Agency are abundant. My Agency
brings to MyHotelMatch its expertise in providing exceptional member experiences through
the acquisition and analysis of relevant criteria. With this deep knowledge of premium client
requirements and its existing algorithms, My Agency will allow MyHotelMatch to develop an
offering in perfect harmony with premium customers’ expectations before deploying this
service to a wider customer base.

In parallel, MyHotelMatch is looking to add new talents with the addition of around thirty new team members to continue the deployment of My Agency and contribute to the development of the MyHotelMatch platform. “We are delighted to partner with My Agency, which is a big step forward for MyHotelMatch. We will continue our R&D investments to make everyone’s stay unique, at a hotel that perfectly matches their expectations. My Agency brings us an established premium customer base and allows us to strengthen our position with future customers and partners who we hope will trust us to revolutionize the somewhat archaic operation of travel agencies. This acquisition will directly enrich our platform’s data and significantly accelerate its development,” said JeanFrançois Ott, President of MyHotelMatch. “I am very proud of our collaboration and of the work accomplished by the My Agency teams over the last 18 years. This acquisition demonstrates the acuity of our business model and our offering, which has allowed us to develop – especially through our application – a very innovative service adapted to the needs of our demanding members. Joining MyHotelMatch is an opportunity and responds to a common ambition: to improve and simplify the hotel experience,” said Yves Abitbol, President of My Agency. 

MyHotelMatch confirms its desire to revolutionize travel agencies and expects to present a first version of its MyHotelMatch platform in 2023.


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About MyHotelMatch

MyHotelMatch is an innovative platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which aims to revolutionize tourism by becoming the next generation of travel agencies(OTA – Online Travel Agency), which, based upon the principle of online dating, will connect a traveler and hotels offering high value added online hotel services with matching profiles. This ambitious challenge opens up new prospects for the company in the growing online hotel market. MyHotelMatch is located in the heart of the innovative 3 IA Côte d’Azur ecosystem in Sophia Antipolis, a city that has been awarded the 3IA label and is home to one of the four national Interdisciplinary Institutes for Artificial Intelligence. This center of excellence will create synergies and accelerate the development of AI technologies for MyHotelMatch. MyHotelMatch is listed on Euronext Paris – Compartment C (ISIN: FR0011277391 – MHM). More information on

About MyAgency

My Agency is an agency dedicated to the matching experience. Since 2004, through various activities, the My Agency teams responded to the demands of a high-end clientele to create experiences that exceed their expectations. Thanks to the development of its own experience-focused ERP, the company capitalizes on each request to create a portfolio of 30,000 offerings in the luxury lifestyle market. Based in Paris and Tunis, My Agency plans to bring other companies onto its SAAS platform and monetize its solutions.